Some law firms like to divide and promote their services under two divisible and discreet headings; business and private clients.

We prefer a different approach. Even though we act for private clients with very substantial assets with specific business needs, and even though many other clients have no interest in business whatsoever, our clients are not placed in categories.

Frequently, there is a cross-over between business and private work. While providing pragmatic advice within specialist fields, Bennetts maintain a holistic approach to each client. The complementary skills of the firm's high-calibre lawyers and paralegals combine to ensure that no client's problems or requirements are considered in isolation by disconnected specialist departments with narrow perspectives. Practical and commercial solutions are proffered with an eye to the total picture, not just one or two aspects of it.

The key to quality, in our experience, lies in the care taken to get to know and build effective relationships with our clients based on confidentiality and mutual respect. That, we believe, is what truly sets Bennetts apart from the pack.

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