Landlord and Tenant


We have extensive knowledge and expertise of the relevant residential and commercial property legislation and relevant case law. This together with our substantial library of precedent documents ensures we are able to advise you on all aspects of the landlord and tenant relationship and the legal implications of such, which can often be complex and confusing. 

Most residential or commercial landlords have two major priorities – safeguarding and maintaining their property and protecting their income and investment. A difficult tenant can cause significant stress and unnecessary expense. We offer support and advice at every stage of the landlord and tenant relationship whether residential or commercial 


The obligations on Landlords letting out their residential property are ever changing and onerous. It is important that Landlords comply with housing legislation as failure to do so can lead to a fine and / or delays in regaining possession of the property from a tenant and even sometimes criminal penalties. 

We can assist a landlord from start to finish; from drafting tenancy agreements through to conducting possession proceedings and dealing with rent arrears and other tenant breaches. We also act for tenants from start to finish to ensure their interests are protected.  

Work encompasses

  • Advising on compliance with all housing legislation
  • Drafting and advising on tenancy agreements
  • Advising upon documents to accompany the tenancy agreement 
  • Addressing the pitfalls associated with the deposit and securing the deposit 
  • Advising on breaches of the lease and options available to a landlord or a tenant 
  • Drafting Notices to Quit including “Section “21” and “Section 8” Notices
  • Drafting and conducting proceedings for possession or defending proceedings on behalf of a tenant 
  • Requesting a Warrant for possession
  • Pursuing or defending claims for rent arrears and damage to property