Professional Negligence


We have all come to rely more and more on the guidance, direction and instruction of professionals, whether as individuals or as a business, to protect ourselves against or mitigate risk.   

Professional people, whether they be solicitors, accountants, financial advisers, surveyors, architects or barristers, are human beings and can make mistakes.   Not all mistakes are negligent mistakes which might give rise to a claim.  However, if a professional person provides a service which falls below the standard of care expected and which results in a financial loss, it is possible that a claim in negligence might be brought to compensate the injured party.  

Unpicking exactly what went wrong and how the law applies in those circumstances is not always straightforward, but it’s important to act quickly if losses are to be recovered or mitigated. 

Our lawyers have acted for both claimants and defendants in professional negligence claims and we have vast experience of the law and procedure relevant to these sometimes-complex cases.    

Through many years’ experience and having developed a keen understanding of tactics employed by insurers and those representing them, we are able to quickly and efficiently ascertain the strength and weakness of claims and to negotiate or pursue them to a successful conclusion.   

Lee Hamer is a long-standing member of the Professional Negligence Lawyers Association and his particular expertise lies in solicitors’ negligence cases across all specialisms including conveyancing, failed (or compromised) litigation, matrimonial disputes and wills and probate. 

Work encompasses

  • Dispute management and resolution 
  • Litigation 
  • Negotiation 
  • Mediation